More about LTL/400

LTL/400 is a quote-to-cash enterprise-scale transportation management system designed specifically for the asset-based LTL transportation organization.  It handles freight bill entry, rating, dispatching, revenue accounting, invoicing, cash application, transportation payables management, EDI, customer service, customer-facing reporting, and internal reporting.

LTL/400 and AgiliTrans share common customer, freight bill, and system configuration databases. While revenue accounting processes are shared, operational processes--quoting, order entry, rating, and dispatch--are unique and designed to the specific requirements of asset-based LTL operations.

The shipment inquiry screen program all information about a shipment.  Shipment status and AR information are available from this initial screen; a dozen additional screens are available from function keys. 
Shipments can be accessed by shipment ID or through the Global Lookup feature, which searchs on all parties' names, addresses, reference numbers, and interline freight bill numbers.

LTL/400 includes a complete dispatch system that features full driver and equipment control--users can't manifest to a trailer not in a valid status and at the location of the freight.  The dispatch process updates equipment status, equipment location, and the location of every shipment manifested on a dispatched trailer. LTL/400 supports one tractor/power unit, two drivers, three trailers, and three dollies/converter gears.

The revenue accounting process includes creation of terminal-level general journal entries, invoicing, cash application, collections management, and transportation payables management.  Changing some element of a bill--adding a third party, changing the terms code, changing a freight class--is simple: an authorized user corrects the bill and the posting program processes the net changes and corrects (or reissues) invoices or transportation payables without any other human intervention.