Our services

Every implementation is different and there's no single project plan plan that covers all situations and contingencies.  Team sizes, individual skill levels, and project requirements vary dramatically, so we offer several professional services to fill in resource gaps. If you need something not reviewed here, please contact us with your requirements.

The freight bill entry program is designed to get the bill of lading entered correctly the first time.  There are numerous features for assigning correct account code and ensuring the reference numbers are entered in the customer's specific format.  This program also has options to accept EDI bills, rated bills, and unrated bills.  Skeleton (partially-completed) bills, along with biller special instructions, are supported as well.

Installation and implementation: we define and deliver work items on a project plan.  While we are deeply involved in every aspect of the implementation, a "best practice" is local leadership of the overall project plan (which may include infrastructure and organizational changes) and of the team.  Project plans (and timelines) vary from installation to installation and our experience with agile methodologies minimizes the impact of unforeseen changes.

Program modifications: while LTL/400 and AgiliTrans have extensive configuration capability, most customers require some programming changes to maintain key business practices.  Delivery receipts/POD's and invoices are frequent requests, as are interfaces to external and 3rd party applications, route optimization applications, and web site, are frequent requests.  We can handle these work items, or coach in-house programmers, as part of a services agreement.

Data migration: data migration programming and execution (offered as part of a service agreement) are one of InfusedQuality's specialties.  It's a critical aspect of the implementation process: clean data is required for effective testing, efficient training, and a successful installation.  We design data migration routines to minimize the impact on the operation of the incubent systems and to simplify rerunning the data migration processes so current data is always available.

Long-term support: we can provide long-term support for program changes and new development as part of a maintenance agreement or as a one-time professional services agreement.  This option reduces the workload on in-house programmers who may have to support other applications or provide day-to-day operational support.  Also, some programmers may not be interested in understanding new development projects or are looking forward to retirement; we can fill the gap.