A few projects...

These projects appear different but share many common characteristics, including complex pricing, high-volume invoicing, multiple EDI transaction types, cross-dock operations, and equipment control.

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The global name search routine is shared among all programs (some programs have additional search options).  This program includes full-text search over customer names, street addresses, cities, states/provinces, and ZIP/postal codes to simplfy finding the right customer.  Results are filtered: only bill-to's are shown when looking up bill-to's and only vendors are shown when in vendor maintenance.

Mainframe conversion: this project was more complex than usual due to need to convert a 3rd party, out-of-support, and undocumented rating system with six million lines of pricing data as part of a fixed-price implementation contract. Less than two months before cutover, the Company acquired a same-size competitor. There was no practical way to load pricing into the mainframe so the acquisition's rating was converted into LTL/400. Rated bills were then uploaded to the mainframe. Sadly, we took a large loss on this project but we delivered on our commitments.

Furniture carrier: this small carrier (since sold to one of the largest carriers in the world) required new order entry, dispatch, warehouse management, wireless scanning, and EDI capabilities to support a very progressive domestic U.S. furniture carrier.  After a few modifications to the rating system, we achieved a very high percentage of automatically-rated bills, which accelerated invoicing and collections.  Over the years, multiple instances of LTL/400 have been deployed to support "private label" transportation services.

White glove delivery: LTL/400 was installed in the U.S. at a "white glove delivery" subsidiary of an international logistics firm.  A substantial development contract was awarded to an offshore firm for a series of highly-customized feature additions. Reeve Fritchman traveled overseas to coach the programming team for several weeks and provided late-night support via conference calls for several months afterward.

Fast growth by acquisition: To support a Canadian customer without any in-house programmers moving from a low-function, hard-to-modify system to LTL/400 while merging three acquisitions with several unusual business requirements, we reconfigured several applications and modified several applications to protect the brand identity of the acquired companies. The solution--essentially an in-house as a service" offering--allowed operational consolidation, consolidated tracing, separate invoicing and revenue accounting functions, and consolidated cash application for a period of several years until certain business arrangements expired, at which time multiple lines of business were integrated into the parent.