Quick overview

Our value proposition

  • Extensive industry knowledge: we were developing and deploying on-line, real-time transportation software before deregulation and have worked with more than 100 transportation organizations.
  • Deep technical knowledge: we've worked on the System/38, AS/400, and System i platforms for 35 years and were exposed to the System/38 before it was announced.
  • Enterprise focus: ROI, business impact, and strong-sense critical thinking drive our technical decision-making process.  By planning for the long term, acting for the short term, and  tightly controlling technical debt, we ensure that every IT action directly supports the enterprise. 

Our products

  • LTL/400 is designed specifically for asset-based LTL carriers requiring flexible approaches to bill of lading entry, pricing and discounting, dispatch, revenue accounting, and reporting.  Our customers range in size from a few dozen bills/day to customers handling 20,000 bills/day.
  • 3PL/400 is designed specifically for transportation brokers, those organizations that provide transportation services by buying and selling services from asset-based carriers.  Typical modes include truckload, LTL, and COFC/TOFC intermodal.
  • AgiliTrans combines LTL/400 and 3PL/400 into a single master transportation management system.

Our deployment options

  • As licensed code running on your machine and managed by your organization
  • As licensed code running on your machine and managed by our organization
  • In SaaS ("software as a service") mode where you pay on a per-transaction basis.

Our services

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Data migration
  • Special enhancements

Our sales and support processes

We don't believe in old-fashioned sales processes where you're hostage to a back-slapping sales rep focused on this quarter's quota.  Instead, we want to help you understand our products so you make the buying decision with complete confidence.  If our product isn't right for you, we'll tell you so immediately.

Our goal is to help you answer all your questions related to functionality and policy at your convenience and at your own pace. We're always happy to answer your inquiries and what-if scenarios, and we won't pest you with follow-up email and telephone calls.

We provide a very high level of personal and on-site support throughout the implementation process.  When we're on-site, we expect to spend our time working directly with business users, the IT team, and the executive team.  Every implementation is different and we adjust our approach to fit your resources and culture.

Our philosophy

We believe in considering every request and evaluating it against our defined strategic priorities.  While many of our competitors routinely decline customer requests for features or modifications, we have a different philosophy.  Our answer is, "Why?  How will this feature help you?  What's the consequence of not doing it?"  

Our code

LTL/400 and AgiliTrans code is contemporary ILE RPG.  As fixed-format code is maintained, it's converted to free-form. Applications leverage traditional called programs, service programs, and externalized (static) procedures. For performance purposes, most transactional programs use record-level DB2 I/O while lookups/searches use SQL.

InfusedQuality LLC publishes (and adheres to) a "Elements of Style" guidebook for all coding and development processes.

Our people

Reeve Fritchman has been designing and implementing transportation management and other complex transactions systems for 30 years.  His professional qualifications include an MBA in Finance; certification as a PMP® (Project Management Professional) by the Project Management Institute (PMI); certification as a Scrum Master by the Agile Alliance;  certification as Software Development Professional by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE); and certification in Information Systems Auditing and Corporate IT Governance from ISACA.  In March 2014, he took and passed three tests to become an Extra Class amateur radio operator (AF7HH).

Contact us

We're happy to discuss your requirements, our products, and our services.
Sales and marketing: info@ltl400.com
Product support: support@ltl400.com
Telephone: +1 (206)-780-8875